For years, the first on-line software that allows the sharing at the national level of all activities of interest to pigeon fanciers: Web-based management of competitions, rankings, leagues, dovecotes, pedigrees. Acquisition of race data from proprietary systems like Benzing, Tipes and Cunikon or in manual mode. Statistical functions and calculating distances with coordinate transformations

The future is online! ColombiWeb is a web application that can be used by all devices, be they PCs, tablets or smartphones. ColombiWeb reads data directly from the Benzing, Unikon, etc. databases. and immediately everyone can view and print the race rankings and championships.
Virtual clubs ColombiWeb allows you to aggregate the competition results of several neighboring Clubs, also using different electronic verification systems. In this way small clubs can participate in more exciting competitions, with a greater number of participants.
Flexibility One of the great advantages of a web application is that any changes or improvements become immediately operational for everyone, regardless of updates to be downloaded. Any change will be immediately available to everyone.
Expandability Does your club intend to have a new electronic verification system? No problem: the specific procedures will be elaborated to acquire the data also from the new system, after of course feasibility check.
Safety All original data will remain on your computer: those acquired by ColombiWeb will be automatically backed up so as not to be lost. In no case will it be possible to change the geographical coordinates or alter the race data.
Confidentiality All personal data will be visible only at the Club level and each user can only modify the data pertaining to him.